S.O.S. terre-neuve QUÉBEC Newf Rescue

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Abby has a ruptured ligament. The cost for this surgery nears $5000. and is totally out of reach for us. But, she needs it… We sollicit your financial support. We are authorized to issue a donation receipt which will allow you to recuperate some of the money in your income taxes. You felt like you needed to make a gesture anyway so why not make it for Abby. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your generosity.

By pressing the DONATE button,

you can make a donation to Québec Newf Rescue

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or simply with your VISA or Mastercard credit card.  

Thank you in advance for your generosity. 

For those of you who prefer to send your donation the traditional way,

you can label your cheque in the name of Quebec Newf Rescue

and mail it to  

100 route du Barrage, St-Raphaël, Québec, G0R 4C0


Thank you to forward our home page to your network and to talk to your friends and relatives about us, particularly if you feel they are sensitive to the well being of the newfoundland dogs.  

For any EMERGENCY, please contact us anytime at s.o.s.terre-neuve@hotmail.com stating URGENT in the subject line or else call 514-233-2715 or 418-243-3550