Dear friends, clients, volunteers, contributors and Newfie lovers...



First and foremost, allow us to wish you a year 2012 that will bring you the very best, particularly in terms of health, for your humans and also for your dear four legged companions.  With health, it will be so much easier to get everything else we desire.  

After working long and hard at it, Québec Newf rescue is finally a legal entity which has allowed us to be able to open up a bank account and to apply for recognition as a charity organization.  We are awaiting final approval from the federal government on this subject.  We will publish it on our web site when approval is official.  

In mid 2011,  Louise St-Germain has become our new manager at Québec Newf Rescue.  Kim and France were absolutely delighted to hand over the boss's concerns to her and to continue to contribute as assistants.  Louise, WELCOME, THANK YOU FOR TAKING OVER; we appreciate your leadership at the highest degree and hope to keep you for a long time. 

To start off  2012, Kim, the mother of Québec Newf Rescue, has chosen to retire.  There are no adequate words to describe Kim's contribution since 2006.  Kim was the fire that kept our organization alive and strong.  Her most deserved retirement leaves a huge empty hole.  However, tatooed on her heart we can see a body and a soul of a newfoundland dog and that gives us the pleasure to still have Kim as one of our volunteers.  Kim, THANK YOU a million times for everything.  

Our web site has become a place to communicate important messages to all of you and so we hope to make it dynamic, up-to-date and bilingual.  We invite you to make it your start up page or at the very least to include in your favorites so that you stay close to us.  www.sosterreneuvequebec.ca is the address that will take you to us.

For all of you who support this cause that is so dear to our hearts, we have conceived a review of all the newfs that were helped in a significant manner in 2011.  Without you, desperate families, foster homes, adoptive families, volunteers, donators, these dogs would probably no more be part of this world.  Thanks to you, they were allowed another chance to a happy life and now live within a new loving family and are being cared for as they should.  Our 2011 rescued newfs can be viewed on tab OUR 2011 NEWFS.  

On our web site, you will also find a page dedicated to Cedric.  Cedric was the last dog we took responsibility for in 2011, just before Christmas.  He has to undergo a major hip surgery.  This surgery costed $3000.  We need your financial support to handle this challenge.  If you can help us, as little as it may be, and invite your friends and contacts to help us as well, we would be enormously grateful.  

In the hope that this short update has been a pleasure to you, we thank you for your help and we wish you a wonderful 2012.

The Québec Newf Rescue team