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The person or organization completing this form is under no obligation.  All information provided is strictly confidential.  



     Please clarify what type of fostering you can offer:  


           _____ Emergency fostering (last minute warning) 


           _____ Short term fostering (maximum 4 weeks) 


           _____ Long term fostering (few months or more) 


ADOPTION: _____      




Contact information 

Date :



City :


Postal code :

Phone N° :

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Work phone N°:

Email :

What is the best time to reach you?

Information on your family and home

How many adults live in your home (please provide names and ages)? 

What do you do for a living?  How is your day schedule? 


Are there smokers in your house?  


Do you have children living in your house?                         Yes                  No


Please specify age of children living with you: 


Do you regularly have visiting children?  If so, what age are they? 


Are there any animal allergic people in your family?

If so please specify:  


Is your yard FULLY fenced and is there a door to allow access? 


Please describe your fencing and the fenced area: 


Do you live in the city, in the suburb, in the country?  Please describe your life environment.  

Please describe your residence (individual home, townhouse, apartment, condo, etc) 

Please describe type of housing (bungalow, split, etc)  

What kind of flooring is there in your house?  

Will the dog need to do stairs to go outside or else to move within the house?  Specify.

Did you own a newf before?  If so, where did you get it from?  


If you never owned a newf, did you get educated on this breed, i.e. characteristics, specifics, health problems, etc.?       Yes                  No                what are the highlights?  


Have you fostered or adopted one or more cogs before?  If so, where from?  


Why do you want to foster or adopt a newfie? 


Are there some characteristics of the newfies which concern you or are not so pleasing you?  


If you have pets, please answer the following questions to help us choose a compatible dog

Please specify age, breed and sex of any dog living under your roof.  


 Are the dogs all sterilized?           Yes                  No

If not, why not?

Have your dogs been through dog training sessions?  Yes      No  Which ones?  


How do your dogs react towards other dogs?  


How do you describe your dogs temperament? 


How do you describe the energy level that your dogs have?  


How do your dogs react to toys, food, people, children, etc?  


Have your dogs any preference or aversion towards male or female dogs?  


Are your dogs leash trained?  


Do you have any other pets at home?  cat? others? Please specify.


How do these other pets react towards dogs?  


How did your past experiences end as a dog owner? 


Did you ever abandon an animal?  If so, please describe the circumstances explaining the abandon.  


Are you a breeder of newfs? another breed?  if so, what is your breeder name? 


Newfie care 

On a typical day, how long a newfie would be left alone?  Please give complete information about your family habits in this respect.  


Can you house train a newfie?  


Are you up to continue training a newfie?  What is your knowledge like?  your experience?  


How about taking care of a newfie's fur coat?  Do you know what it entails?  Do you have experience?  


If you dog needs to go at the vet, can you and will take his to the vet?  


Where will your newfie be during the day? 


Where will your newfie spend the night?  


Who will be in charge of helping your newf adapt to his new life and how do you see this happen?  


What are the activities you plan on doing with your newf?  

Does your budget allow you to assume the expenses related to a giant breed (food, vet, grooming, etc) ?  


Can you give us more information that would allow us to make a best fit between your family and a newfoundland dog?  


Do you have a preference in terms of sex? age? color? 


Can you travel to get the dog?  Is the distance a problem for you? 


If necessary, would you be able to train the dog to use a crate?  Do you have one? 


Would you be at ease and competent to deal with a newf who would display a behavioral problem (i.e. anxiety of separation, resource guarding, dominance, barking, etc)? Experience?

Any behavioral problem you would not, could not manage?

Would you be at ease and competent to deal with a newf who would have specific medical issues?  Experience?

Any medical problem you would not, could not manage?

What are the newf characteristics that make you an ideal family?  

What are the newf characteristics that would be a challenge for you?  


Do you wish to participate in some volunteers activities such as: 

newf transportation


internet watch for newfs in need 

home visit for potential adoptive families 

reference checks for potential adoptive families 

admin tasks mostly those internet accessed 

Please feel free to add any comment 



Are you home owner or do you rent?      Own      Rent


If you rent, you will have to provide the name and all the contact info of your home owner or property manager BEFORE we have a newf for you. 

Owner's name :

Owner's contact info :

Before we have a newf for you, you will need to provide the name of a vet who knows you or has taken care of your animals in the past.  You will need to forward him of our call and give him permission to talk with us.  

Name of vet and clinic :

Contact info :


For reference purposes, please give us the contact information of a person who knows you well or has known you with your animals.  You will need to forward this person that we will make contact and give your permission to discuss with you.

Name of contact :

Link to you :

Contact info :

NOTE:  References will be needed if and when we have a dog for you.


Last question:  Are you in agreement that one of our volunteers visit you at your home, at your convenience, BEFORE we have a dog for you?  

Thank you for your interest to become a foster home, an adoption family or a volunteer.  


Please return by email your completed application form.  Please note that our organization is focussing on the right family for the dog we have so we will contact you whenever we feel we have an opportunity that could be a good fit with your family.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.