To welcome in your home a newfoundland dog who is awaiting for his forever family is a practical experience very enriching is so many ways.  It transforms not only the life of the dog in need but most likely yours as well.   

S.O.S. terre-neuve Québec is always in need of foster families everywhere in the province of Québec.  If the foster family needs financial support, we reimburse pre-authorized expenses during the stay.  All you have to do is provide a safe and comfortable home where good care, love and understanding are abundant.  


To become a foster home is the perfect occasion to meet newfs with different personalities that are very endearing, while you share you day to day with them.  There is nothing more rewarding than to finally see our protege find his forever family knowing you make people happy and you have given a second chance to a very special companion.  


It is also a way to have company... for you, your loved ones and the other animals in the family, without the full and long term financial commitment.  Most dogs needing a foster family are well balances but find themselves homeless for no fault of their own.  Changes in people's life like divorce, loss of job, moving, allergy, baby arrival, new job, etc are most of the time the reasons leading to surrendering their newf.  

We are Québec Newf Rescue do all we can to ensure the best of fit between the newf and the family, including the foster family.

It is to be noted that only the Québec foster families are covered by our insurance.  Also, for foster families, we do not consider families with children less than  years old and the outside environment must be fully and safely fenced.  The reason for these important restrictions come from the fact that we have very little or no information about the rescued newfs and consequently we must be extremely prudent.

So if you wish to offer a well balanced and loving home to a newf in distress, short term, long term or in an emergency, please fill in the form which you will find under the tab called FORM adoption-foster and email it to