Dear volunteers... thank you!

While fired up in action, stress and the often times delicate and enormous tasks at hand, it may have occured that we were less than adequate in thanking you.  To say how we appreciate your work, your generosity, your efforts, your devotion is absolutely not sufficient.  We really mean to say that Quebec newf rescue has lived for the past many years and has carried its mission, all of it, thanks to you being in our life.  Without you, we do not exist... without you... newfoundland dogs in distress must find another door to knock at... without you, many of them would have travelled to newfy paradise much much sooner than desirable.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for each of your gesture, for your donations in money, in time, in energy, in love.

In the name of all the newfoundland dogs that were welcomed by Québec newf rescue and have now found another life of happiness in their new loving family, THANK YOU a million times THANK YOU.

                                                            France and all the rescued newfs